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TELADATA's practiced methodology begins by assessing your audiovisual, video conferencing, and acoustic needs, and we help define your company's audiovisual standards, equipment, and service requirements. 

What kinds of speakers and microphones do you need to produce the highest quality sound in your location? How large and what type of projection screen will best sustain your desired audiovisual experience? Which Unified Communication platform fits your business culture? These are just some of the issues that TELADATA swiftly evaluates, assesses, and presents to project stakeholders and vendors. From there, we develop a budget with options to save you money and turn your audiovisual vision into a working reality.

TELADATA's Discovery, Design & Planning process includes:

  • Define AV and Video Conferencing needs
  • Determine best fit Unified Communication platform
  • Identify existing AV equipment and analyze if this equipment can be re-used
  • Create design input on any existing or new furniture to be used as part of AV scope
  • Define corporate AV Standards
  • Space and location validation/appropriateness
  • Appropriate usage per headcount/purpose
  • Establish equipment and service requirements
  • AV Systems Overview describing detailed descriptions of intended design
  • Communicate Aesthetic Considerations
  • Communicate Acoustical/Noise Considerations
  • Sight lines and Display sizing
  • Lighting and Window Treatment recommendations
  • Recommend Furniture
  • Develop accurate budgets and project roadmap
  • Cost Savings Options and Value Engineering
  • Timeline Development

Audiovisual Practice Group Manager:

Scott Moyers, CTS
Contact Scott through our Business Development Executives:

Maricel Cerruti
510-979-4251 (direct)

Nichole Stephenson
510-979-4226 (direct)

We look forward to developing a collaborative relationship with you!