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Colocation Expense Management

Most colocation agreements offer complex options that may work for you upon signing the contract but can quickly get off course. Challenge TELADATA to look under the hood of your contracts and identify potential savings with little effort required from you. 

Power, Space, and Circuit Utilization Assessment Services Include:

Conduct Physical On-site Evaluation

  • Audit all electrical circuits to compare your usage against your installed capacity
  • Identify expansion capabilities (power, cooling, space) within your rack/space
  • Identify stranded capacity within your existing contract and expansion capacity within the colocation facility
  • Identify available monitoring options

Validate Invoicing and Service Level Agreements

  • Compare rates to current market pricing
  • Assess retail vs. wholesale options
  • Uncover available reports and statistics
  • Discover rebates and credits for unused services
  • Negotiate terms and pricing on your behalf

It Pays for Itself

TELADATA is so confident in our ability to save you money, we offer a no-risk, no-cost contingency option for our audits. We have experience identifying over $1 million in annual savings for our Clients, and for that payback, it’s worth letting us take a look.

We Audit:

  • Power Usage
  • Rack Layout
  • Circuit Utilization
  • Invoicing
  • Contract Terms
  • Monitoring Capabilities
  • Managed Services

Additional Service Offerings Include: