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State your commitment to excellence through Policies and Procedures.

TELADATA specializes in developing easy to understand policies and procedures that organizations rely upon to safeguard technology based operations as both a management tool and technical communication. Our team of data center experts, project managers and technical writers have the experience, background and resources to make your policies and procedures documentation successful. 

Benefit from having the right set of information, forms and related processes that supports your on-going operations through clear, concise documentation that speaks to upper management, employees and hired contractors. 

  • Policies – Establish guidelines and rules
  • Procedures – Steps for every day and not so every dayoperations
  • Signage – Information where it is needed the most
  • As Built Documents – Everyone has accurate information
  • Forms – Keeping operation staff “in the know”
  • Training – Reinforcing staff knowledge with training from the experts

Our proven methodology helps build visible support across management groups, consensus among employees and communicates a sense of self responsibility. 

Specific Areas of Concentration Include:

  • Establishing Rules
  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Operational Guidelines
  • Change Control Management
  • Physical Security and Access Guidelines
  • Statement of Accountability
  • Regulation Compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPPA)