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It is no surprise that with the electrical demands of today’s high density servers and the spiraling energy cost that so much focus is placed on energy efficiency. You may have heard the terms Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) or Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) and recognize that these are the best industry standards to benchmark the operating performance of your infrastructure. 

Knowing your PUE/DCiE is fundamental to improving the efficiency of your facility and gives you the baseline to which you can measure how changes in your facility impact your operational costs. Unfortunately it is not always obvious how to determine your PUE as IT and IT support loads are never clearly defined. Furthermore, tracking your PUE / DCiE becomes increasing difficult in your ever changing environment as servers or equipment are added or removed. 

The solution is a monitoring system that will track and report your PUE/DCiE in real time. TELADATA can help you evaluate the architecture of your electrical and mechanical distribution systems and determine which monitoring points will give you the information you need and nothing you don’t. With your monitoring system in place and TELADATA’s experience you can safely make the critical changes and adjustments to the efficiency of your operation with immediate results.