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Trust TELADATA to be Your Monitoring Advisor

One of today's rapidly evolving technologies widely being accepted and deployed are data center monitoring systems. Many organizations are already reaping the cost savings and enjoying the benefits that monitoring systems provide. It is a vehicle that can transform your facility by optimizing your infrastructure, improve your energy efficiency, and give you real-time visibility and control to predict and react to unanticipated events. 

TELADATA can identify which areas of your enterprise will benefit from monitoring, from the core data center to your technology closets and provide the true cost of ownership. We can help you decide which custom monitoring solution set is best for your business and which procurement model (rent vs. own) makes the most financial sense for your firm. 

Procurement Options Customized For You

Interested in receiving the benefits but want to avoid the commitment of staffing and capital expense? TELADATA offers multiple procurement options to fit your needs, including a rental model and Monitoring as a Service (MaaS). MaaS employs TELADATA staff and equipment to provide you with alarms, data analytics, advice, and reports that matter to you most. Please inquire for more information on these procurement models.