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Whether you are building a greenfield data center or replacing old equipment with new equipment, odds are there are utility or government programs that can save you money. The first step is to register with your utility company and evaluate your eligibility to enroll in their incentive program. If your company is eligible for incentive, TELADATA is prepared to assist you in gathering the necessary documentation, completing paperwork, and negotiating the highest possible rebate. 

Through trending analysis you can estato the energy demands of the computing industry there has been mounting interest from utility companies and government agencies to entice this sector to be more energy efficient. Utility companies are heavily rewarding customers with rebate coupons, incentive programs and lower electrical rates as a result of demonstrating an actual reduction in energy usage. 

For most industries, demonstrable energy efficiency is voluntary (in addition to simply making good business sense). However, there are already regulatory initiatives in process to require large energy users to reduce their consumption. 

How will you demonstrate to the utility companies that you answered the call and lowered your energy usage and deserve to be rewarded? For many utility company customers the answer is to establish a baseline by implementing a monitoring system with trending analysis capabilities. 

Using trending analysis you can track any changes made and fine tune the optimization of your energy usage to balance your IT Load and Support Load. Over time will be able to hone in on the “sweet spot” allowing you to achieve the maximum efficiency of your facility.