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project lifecycle

TELADATA's methodology has been successfully implemented for clients in a broad spectrum of industries throughout the United States and globally. Acting as your client advocate, we step in at any point to take full ownership of your project and provide the leadership and technical skills necessary to meet your objectives, maximize your resources, and save you time and money. We always keep the best interests of our clients as our top priority. 


We begin by identifying goals and establishing a starting point. We will explore solutions, identify risks, expose challenges, and summarize all viable solutions along with rough order of magnitude (ROM) budgets. This process provides clear and concise options that can be used by the client to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions.


During this process we will identify available resources both internal and external. We then interview stakeholders and gather pertinent information. Based on the data collected TELADATA will prepare preliminary plans, schedules and comprehensive budgets. After client approval we can develop specifications and procurement documents. 

As an unbiased client advocate, we serve as the intermediary between your IT, Facilities and Finance departments. We also coordinate with the building owner, architects, general contractors, MEP engineers, and other associated parties. We make it a point to clearly communicate project requirements to everyone involved in the project. 


TELADATA coordinates with multiple contractors and vendors from a variety of disciplines. Providing hands-on project management, we take control of your project in its entirety all the way through and after the move-in. TELADATA will be responsible for not only solving problems but preventing them and will create a cost tracking log to keep the project on schedule and under budget. 


Have you ever heard the phrase "you cannot manage what you don't measure"? This is especially true for technology. We can provide a comprehensive solution to monitor and report on your systems. There are many ways to monitor your technology infrastructure. TELADATA has the experience to design and implement an appropriate solution to meet your requirements. We can create metrics to quantify cost and utilization and give you an effective tool with which to measure results. 


TELADATA constantly fine tunes your project to keep you always moving forward. We offer on-going customer support as needed, or we can provide the manpower to accept day to day responsibility via an annual services contract. For clients with multiple locations, TELADATA will develop design guidelines, standard drawings and global procurement agreements so future projects cost less and run smoothly. 

In time, changes to your facility and business will require another assessment of your status and goals, thus starting the project lifecycle once again.