Unified Communications

With over twenty years of experience in the telecommunications industry, Teladata has built up a solid foundation of expertise in state-of-the art and legacy voice communications technologies—from PBX to the latest in Voice Over IP. We will guide you through the maze of choices that are available to you today.

With a solid foundation of expertise in state-of-the art and legacy voice communications technologies, Teladata will guide you through the maze of choices that are available to you today.

We’ll lay out a plan to handle immediate issues with your current voice communications system, and we’ll build a roadmap that will take you to the next level so that your organization is fully prepared to handle future growth and expansion. Because Teladata is an unbiased consultant, we’ll provide an objective analysis of your options, help you make the right choices, and assist you in negotiating favorable pricing.

Whether it’s designing your new PBX, VoIP or the latest in communication services, helping you create a call center that delivers superior customer service, or analyzing your technology infrastructure needs for your WAN network—local, long distance, Internet, or point-to-point—you can count on Teladata to step in and manage your next communications project while your busy staff focuses on their daily demands.

Unified Communications Services Include:


Strategic Planning

Short, medium and long-range planning for systems platforms, network requirements, budgets, timelines, return on investment.


PBX Design, Recommendation and Implementation

Objective needs analysis, budget preparation, calculation of return on investment, RFP specifications, successful system implementation.


Voice Over IP (VoIP)

Making the change-over to Voice over IP is an investment that can involve millions of dollars that can give your company a major competitive advantage. But in order to ensure a successful implementation, your network has to be ready to handle the demands of VoIP. If you have been considering a VoIP solution for your enterprise, Teladata can help you get the right solution off the ground and make the transition as smooth as possible.

VoIP Services

VoIP Assessments — Researching total implementation costs, including required hardware, software and bandwidth; estimating anticipated savings to be realized from handling enterprise phone calls, conference calls and video conference calls over a converged network; estimating the cost of upgrading the network to ensure robust performance and reliability for handling phone service, including 911 emergency calls.

RFP Development for Purchase of VoIP Systems — Establishing design criteria based on thorough research; development of a scope of work and specifications for system components, installation, performance and warranty; conduct a bidder’s conference where vendors’ questions are answered; bid analysis; creation of an executive report.

Project Management for VoIP Installation — Managing testing and training on the new system; creating a project task list and timeline; leading project meetings and provide leadership throughout the transition process; liquidation of all legacy equipment.

Outsourced VoIP Management — Handling customer requests for moves, adds and changes; monitoring warranty and service contract issues; troubleshooting and resolving problems; creating and tracking annual budgets and controlling costs.


Call Center Consulting

Manage revenue objectives, effective flow design to maximize customer satisfaction efficiently and economically, call center technologies.


Technology Infrastructure Consulting

Data and telecommunications infrastructure design and budgeting.


WAN Network Design

Efficient, economical, and disaster resilient network design for single to multi-office national and global networks; includes local, long distance, Internet, point-to-point and virtual private networks (VPN).


Phone System Relocation

PBX moves, cabling requirements, server room/data center moves, floor plans, as-built drawings, telephone company orders, Internet/WAN requirements, project management, budget creation and tracking.


Telephone Expense Auditing

Teladata can help you significantly reduce your enterprise voice communication bills. Since 1986, Teladata has worked with clients to find ways to cut their telecommunications expenditures and determine the best possible voice communication system for their business needs, including VoIP, local and long distance service, cellular phones, toll-free services, call centers, voicemail, and more. 

Telephone Auditing Services


  • Survey Client Sites, Collect Topology, Bills and Usage Data
  • Organize all Telephone Bills by Category
  • Create English Translation
  • Create Spreadsheets to Establish Benchmarks
  • Evaluation
  • Perform Detailed Analysis of Telecom-related Bills
  • Identify billing errors
  • Identify use of all circuits
  • Review billing rates


  • Cancel surplus services
  • Consolidate billing
  • Negotiate better contracts


  • Place all telco orders
  • Coordinate vendor changes
  • Request refunds

Ongoing Services

  • Monitor carrier rate offerings
  • Quarterly verification audit of bills
  • Act as interpreter/liaison between IT and Finance departments
  • Manage service orders and changes
  • Manage solicitations from carriers and vendors
  • Recommend new cost-saving technology implementations

Telecommunications Management

Voice communication management services on a contract basis.

Unified Communications Advantages

  • Cost Savings – By eliminating fragmentation of using certain providers for certain services, we help you find a solution that brings everything together (VoIP, messaging, file sharing/storage, screen sharing, conferencing, and more) and negotiate the best pricing on your behalf
  • Efficiency – Today’s platforms have the capacity to give you insights on the best times to communicate with a teammate, as in, you can see when they are busy, in meetings, etc. and how you can best reach them at that time.


Corporate Conferences, Distance Learning, Education/Training, Medical/Healthcare, Fitness, Command Centers, Operations Centers, Retail, House of Worship, Museums, Courthouses

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