Data Centers

Teladata will help you access it. Whether you’re outgrowing your existing server room space, looking to outsource your hosting to a colocation facility or storage in the cloud, or interested in exploring a data center for the first time, we’re here to guide your journey to the ideal solution. With 35+ years of experience in data centers, many industry partnerships, and a deep understanding of the available solutions in the market, the Teladata team can assess your needs and recommend a great solution area that meets your space, security, mechanical, electrical, timeline, and budgetary needs.

Our Data Center Strategy

Data centers are a core, integral piece of your company’s overall working structure, and getting it right can be stressful. We understand. Our job is to meet you where you’re at on your data center journey. Working with Teladata alleviates the pressure and gives you single point-of-contact services and consulting based on our tried, tested, and proven process.

Moving into the world of data centers is big, and converting that storage closet to a data center may not be the most optimal, future-proof solution. We understand all of the available options in the market, and we will walk you through the process and potential from start to finish. Trust us as your advisor, advocate, and consultant as you navigate the world of data centers.

Goals for your data center solution will come in many shapes and sizes as specialty technology areas like data centers, labs, colocation facilities, network and security operations centers, and server rooms have a myriad of requirements and specifications. When you work with Teladata, you don’t have to handle those decisions or the build-out process alone. We’ll help you through the decision-making, implementation, and migration process to ensure an efficient, timely, and effective solution. Our work together may include:

  • Technology Assessments
  • Requirements & Solutions Definition
  • Detailed Project Budgeting
  • Recommendations & Roadmap
  • Executive Summary
  • Approval Presentations
  • RFP & Bid Process Management
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Fit-Up
  • Commissioning
  • Build-out
  • Technology, Fit-Up, Relocation, Migration, & Move Management 
  • As-Built Documentation

If you are ready to lease space in a new facility to meet your data storage, business continuity, and disaster recovery needs, we can help you evaluate the benefits of the available providers and configurations available. We’ll collaborate to assess your current and future colocation needs. We’ll devise a comprehensive plan to secure executive approval for your project, migrate your equipment and IT infrastructure to a colocation data center, and provide continuous management support.

We have decades of technical expertise, which allows us to provide clear and realistic recommendations on the right colocation solution. To ensure we match our clients to the best colocation partner for their needs, we conduct a thorough evaluation that may include:

  • Needs assessment
  • Provider assessment and recommendations
    • Power & Cooling Capacity
    • Network connectivity
    • Services offering
    • Physical security
    • Cost-benefit analysis
    • Compliance and regulatory 
    • Scalability
    • Geographic location
  • Migration plans
  • Contract and SLA evaluations

We know from our experience that every client has unique needs when it comes to data center solutions. We can help lead or provide resource augmentation and partnership to complete data center projects, starting with a comprehensive assessment that can uncover gaps in electrical and mechanical capacity, reliability, or energy efficiency that must be addressed before proceeding. Once we understand the goals of the project, we can establish next steps, whether that’s expansion, migration, or colocation. Even if you already have data center plans in place, Teladata is a trusted partner that can supplement your current staff capacity to deliver and complete your data center projects domestically and internationally. No matter the situation, Teladata can help at any point on the road to your ideal data center.


Conduct a detailed assessment to understand electrical and mechanical capacity, space utilization, efficiency, and redundancy. Create short and long-term plans with associated budgets and schedules.


Continuity is essential. We assess your current setup and ensure that your current operations integrate with and are not interrupted by a new expansion.


If you’re ready to move from a strictly on-prem setup to an offsite build, we are a single point-of-contact solution to ensure a smooth and efficient transition. We also can help consolidate multiple locations. 


We’re a go-to source for design, construction document management, and bid process management. We can assist with the server room design, including electrical and mechanical specifications, cabinet and containment, network cabling, carrier circuits, fire suppression, security, and audiovisual considerations.

Construction Management

As a trusted construction management partner, we can fill the role of technology general contractor. Trust us for schedule and cost management services, system commissioning, IT fit-up, equipment installation, infrastructure monitoring, as-is builds, and more.

Data Center Services

Modern interior of server room in datacenter

Let’s talk about your goals and determine the best solution for you.