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Data Centers come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of reliability. But what is the ideal data center for your organization today and in the future? We are a single point-of-contact solution that can help you determine your technology goals and help you on the road to your ideal set-up.

Teladata paves the way and removes the barriers on the road to your ideal Data Center.

Time is of the essence when you need a working data center or are about to outgrow your existing space. Our 30 years of experience, wide array of partnerships, and understanding of the available solutions in market enables us to quickly determine the right setup based on your needs.

No matter where you are in your Data Center journey, we can step in, consult, design, and build solutions that are future-proof, flexible, modular, and scalable.

Our Strategy

Data Centers are a core, integral piece of the overall working structure of your company and can be a stressful decision. We understand that and take that pressure off, delivering single point-of-contact services and recommendations based on these fundamental, initial steps:

Step 1: Needs Analysis, Site Assessment

We know that your Data Center has to be effective and optimized for your current budgets and resources but aligned to scale in the future. We ensure we have a full-scale understanding of your current situation and future goals while assessing your current available options.

Step 2: Implementation & Build-Out

Where other firms lack in the quality of implementation and build-out is where Teladata shines. We take the reigns for you and act as your single point-of-contact while we manage vendors and contractors on your behalf, all while remaining in your budgets and timelines.

Step 3: Migration Planning & Fit Up

No project is complete without proper migration and ensuring full operation from day one. We make sure that any required migrations proceed without any problems and ensure that you’re aligned to get the most out of your new setup.

Where are you on your Data Center journey?

I'm just starting out and need a consultant to help me understand the process.

Welcome to the world of data centers! Even when you’re first starting out, converting that coat closet to a data center may not be the most optimal, future-proof solution. We understand all of the available options in market and will walk you through not only those options but the process itself. We can deliver a solution that works within your budget and is scalable in the future.

I have an existing space that is outdated or too small and need a partner to help me scale.

When you need more data center capabilities, that’s usually a sign of your business doing well, and we’re thrilled to help you to continue that success. We are experts in a wide array of data center solutions and provide resource augmentation and partnership to help you complete data center projects when your resources are low.

Let’s talk about your goals and determine the best solution for you.

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