IT Infrastructure

An incredible technology experience can make or break an office environment—and in a time when hybrid work allows employees to choose where they log on, it’s important to get in-office IT infrastructure and networking right. Workplace technology installs and upgrades are complex projects that involve many players, from internal IT and facilities departments to vendors and contractors. Without an experienced, technology-focused project manager at the helm, the project can easily get off track and fall far short of expectations.

Teladata has over 35 years of working knowledge and experience in data center, server room, and low-voltage cabling design and build-out project management. We excel in incorporating IT into both new construction and retrofit projects. Our role is to manage the technology aspects of your project so your team can focus on what they do best: driving business forward.


At our core, we are client advocates who go beyond traditional project management. Your Teladata team keeps all stakeholders informed of ongoing evaluations, recommendations, and implementation plans. We’re fully equipped to take on the entire project—or certain facets—in close cooperation with contractors, vendors, and other consultants.

Assess. Design. Implement.

Our process often begins with a thorough needs and site assessment to determine utilization and installation of current systems, along with an analysis of technologies and equipment required for your project. This allows us to provide a design that meets your needs and realistic budget recommendations. We can also establish a detailed schedule and manage the implementation of your technology—ordering systems and equipment, coordinating vendors and installation, and monitoring progress—with meticulous attention to detail to keep expenses in line and stay on schedule.

We understand the demands of mission-critical projects, and our comprehensive color documentation keeps projects on track. Choose Teladata, where client advocacy meets unparalleled IT infrastructure expertise and transforms your office into a highly connected and productive work environment. We handle the stress of your complicated workplace technology projects, so you don’t have to.

IT Infrastructure Expertise

  • Circuit Delivery Coordination
  • Building Pathways and Risers
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Technology Room Design
  • Vendor Qualifications
  • Project Management

Services Overviews


Teladata specializes in designing and implementing high-performance wireless networks for optimal coverage, with comprehensive site surveys and access point mapping.

Cellular Antenna Repeaters/DAS

We can design and oversee the implementation and testing of cellular antenna repeaters and offer carrier-agnostic solutions to support single or multiple-carrier coverage.

Workstation Fit-Up

Whether you’re building out a new office or upgrading a current space, we coordinate with construction teams to ensure monitors, keyboards, and mice arrive timely before moving into an office space.

Audiovisual equipment

Our expert audiovisual team handles everything from high-quality audio systems, displays, and projectors to digital signage solutions, video walls, and more.

Security equipment

Our security team covers every aspect of your facility’s physical security, integrating innovative surveillance cameras, access control systems, intercoms, and more to enhance facility security and monitoring capabilities.

Server/Network Equipment

From servers and network switches to cabinets and racks, we collaborate with your team and vendors to ensure your network is reliable and redundant.