Comprehensive Technology Solutions

Teladata is a trusted, single point-of-contact with over 35 years of hands-on experience creating and implementing workplace technology and data center projects. We’re committed to delivering the best solutions for our clients’ needs and managing projects skillfully from start to finish.

Three Unique
Project Approaches

Teladata can adapt our approach to meet any project’s needs. Our goal is to ensure our clients can rely on us to manage the project, act as a liaison between IT, construction, and corporate teams, and deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Our team of workplace technology experts dives in to evaluate existing technology setups, understand each client’s specific goals, and recommend a mix of solutions to support business success and growth.

  • Client needs interview(s) and use case review
  • Technology evaluation and site visits to review:
    • Data Cabling
    • Wireless
    • Audiovisual
    • Data Centers
    • Security Systems
    • TechnologyRooms (MPOE, MDF, IDFs)
  • Comprehensive report, budgets, timeline, and executive summary with recommendations

We drive success by developing detailed drawings, timelines, budgets, and project plans. Our comprehensive documentation streamlines the implementation process, and our project management facilitates success for the whole design, construction, and client team.

  • Conduct discovery meetings, understand technology requirements and define project goals
  • Review IT, AV, and Security options with stakeholders
  • Develop detailed design drawings
  • Develop technology rough order of magnitude (ROM) cost estimates
  • Present design and project plan with budget and schedule for stakeholder approval
  • Coordinate requirements with design and construction teams
  • Qualify vendors, manage the bid process and evaluate contractor proposals
  • Manage technology deployment through project completion

Our full-service solution allows us to function as a single point-of-contact, managing projects from start to finish with comprehensive design, project management, and financial coordination.


We are your design and project management leads, delivering the best solutions to address your technology needs.

  • Conduct discovery meetings and define project goals
  • Develop conceptual drawings
  • Review potential options/solutions to stakeholders
  • Approve project plan with budget and schedule
  • Develop technology ROM Cost Estimates
  • Communicate requirements to the design and construction teams

Project Management

We manage the implementation process from start to finish to ensure every project phase is executed smoothly.

  • Support design team architects and engineers with technology requirements
  • Develop technology drawings
  • Qualify vendors and evaluate contractor proposals
  • Technology construction management commissioning, acceptance, and hand-off
  • Technology fit-up, planning, and execution
  • Move planning


As a technology general contractor with a history of expertise in technology projects, we offer a single point-of-contact solution.

  • Deliver one procurement process for the client
  • Manage procurement, selection, and management of technology suppliers, vendors, and subcontractors
  • Vendor onboarding, insurance, vendor lien releases, and payments
  • Project close-out
  • Detailed financial cost tracking documentation

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