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DoorDash (NASDAQ: DASH) is an international technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local businesses. Since 2013, DoorDash has built products and services to help businesses innovate, grow, and reach more customers by enabling delivery on demand for thousands of restaurants and stores.

Teladata has been DoorDash’s single point of contact technology partner since 20XX. Our first engagement with DoorDash included building out the company’s new headquarters facility in San Francisco in 20XX. As a full-service partner, we worked alongside general contractor Skyline Construction to prioritize and implement technology solutions and liaise between IT stakeholders, construction partners, vendor partners, and DoorDash.

Discovery and Planning Phase

We began the engagement with a discovery session that allowed us to understand and plan for DoorDash’s unique technology requirements. After presenting our recommendations and budget for IT infrastructure, audiovisual services, and security implementation support, the Teladata team provided project management, vendor coordination, and implementation services to ensure an efficient build-out.

Establishing Continuity Across Locations

We created and documented technology and data standards to establish continuity across DoorDash locations and support the company’s explosive growth in key markets around the world. After the San Francisco project was complete, Teladata maintained a strong working relationship with DoorDash, which ultimately led to another partnership on DoorDash’s nine-story headquarters facility in Tempe, AZ—a strategic, longer-term project to complete tenant improvements on all floors.

Project Management During COVID-19 Pandemic

The 5+ year project kicked off in May 2019 and continued through the COVID-19 pandemic. Although pandemic-related supply chain challenges—specifically the chip shortage—kept the team on its toes, the project never stalled or stopped progressing. We solved problems temporarily when needed, swapping in the appropriate equipment or materials when they became available. Our team was onsite whenever possible, but we largely managed the project and vendors remotely as we adapted to the new normal of construction in a post-pandemic world.

Services Provided

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