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Moloco is a machine learning company delivering digital growth and performance by unlocking the value of its customers’ unique, first-party data. With advertising solutions for marketers, retailers, and streaming platforms, Moloco empowers businesses of all sizes to grow through operational machine learning.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Teladata worked with a client in Redwood City, California, to build out a large office space. This client’s needs changed during the pandemic, and they decided to sublet some office space. The new tenant for this space, Moloco, reached out to Teladata for workplace technology assistance. 

The Teladata team, already well-versed in the prior occupant’s existing equipment, was able to move quickly and efficiently to outfit the redesigned office space with the audiovisual, security, and networking equipment Moloco required.

Teladata’s process began with a thorough workplace technology assessment that revealed Moloco’s needs. We then recommended investments and budgeted for the necessary equipment and services to create Moloco’s ideal space—all to be completed within an aggressive six-week timeline.

Throughout the discovery and implementation processes, the Teladata team created and documented technology standards that could be applied across Moloco’s growing national footprint. These standards are key to ensuring a seamless experience in any Moloco office location in the U.S.

Moloco experienced exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic as its Series B deep learning model reached maturity. Building out office space during the pandemic came with a unique set of challenges, specifically in procuring equipment. 

Teladata was able to repurpose much of the existing equipment from the previous tenant, including data infrastructure, displays, videoconference cameras, speakers, microphones, and amplifiers. Some security equipment, including control panels and access panels, could be wiped clean and repurposed, while others, like card readers and cameras, required new equipment, which Teladata specified, sourced, and installed to Moloco’s high security standards.

After conducting a recertification process to ensure everything was in working order, the existing cabling infrastructure was repurposed. The iPads used to control and schedule conference rooms had to be removed, so although a significant amount of high-quality equipment remained in place, Moloco had no means of controlling many elements. 

Moloco project

The iPads were a sticking point. The same model was no longer available for purchase, and new models were a different size and would not fit in the existing mounts. Teladata was faced with two options: remove and replace the current equipment to house the iPad and Crestron all-in-one solutions or source refurbished equipment. Luckily, because Teladata had maintained a strong relationship with the building’s original occupant, we secured the original equipment, had it refurbished, and reinstalled it for Moloco.

Before the Redwood City project concluded, Teladata began a similar process with Moloco’s office space in San Francisco. Teladata’s initial assessment identified which equipment could be repurposed, like a fully functional security panel, and where new equipment, like cabling infrastructure should be installed. 

For Moloco’s New York office, Teladata followed its tried and tested process once again, upholding the previously created standards. When the initial assessment identified critical acoustical challenges throughout the office space, the team worked closely with Moloco’s facilities manager to address sound and privacy concerns, installing the necessary acoustical treatments—ceiling absorption panels, wall panels, and glass gaskets—to mitigate audio transform between spaces.

When Moloco was exploring the move into Seattle’s Columbia Tower, it engaged Teladata during lease negotiations to determine whether the facility’s existing workplace technology infrastructure would suit its needs. After conducting an assessment, Teladata provided a comprehensive list of risks and recommendations for improving the facility’s cabling infrastructure, audiovisual capacity, and equipment.

Teladata remains Moloco’s trusted workplace technology partner, helping design, implement, and upgrade the equipment Moloco needs for continuity across all its U.S. locations.

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