Closing Communication Gaps in Workplace Technology Design

Closing Communication Gaps in Workplace Technology Design

By teladata | April 09, 2024 |

Modern workplace construction is multifaceted and complex, requiring the cooperation of numerous contractors, vendors, and suppliers. Hiring an experienced workplace design-build consultant to manage the timeline, vendors, and budget is the best way to ensure your next project will be a success.

For nearly 40 years, Teladata has been an essential part of workplace construction teams in Silicon Valley and beyond. Our team of expert consultants has the knowledge and expertise to bridge the communication and scheduling gaps that often occur between IT, architecture, facilities, and construction teams.  

The secret to our success is our experienced project management team. Involved in every project from design to completion, our project managers work onsite, collaborating with architects, engineers, designers, electricians, carpenters, specialty contractors and subcontractors. We ensure all parties are working from the same set of plans, project schedule, and budget. By hiring Teladata in a full-service capacity, clients can expect their build to run smoothly from start to finish.

Design Collaboration

Teladata brings IT, Architecture, Design, and Engineering together

The first step in any project is design, and when technology is considered from the start, the entire project flows seamlessly from one stage to the next. Understanding how end users want and need technology elements to function is essential to the project’s overall success—factoring in technology needs before the build saves time, budget, and unnecessary retrofits. 

Teladata is well-suited to bring IT to the design table. We aim for a streamlined project flow, not after-the-fact IT rescue missions. We ensure that concerns and challenges surrounding electrical, cooling, space, connections, and pathways are prioritized alongside those of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical. The result is an all-inclusive solution that meets owner and end-user expectations.

Bringing Teladata in during the design phase creates efficiencies and collaboration opportunities that keep projects on schedule. 

Build Excellence

Teladata speaks IT and Facilities 

Whether a project is a new build, an expansion, or a renovation, those in charge of facilities need to consider its longevity by prioritizing the optimal use of space. At the same time, IT design and installation teams are focused on how to best integrate IT needs throughout the entire building. 

In both cases, facilities and IT share the goal of creating highly connected and efficient buildings, but their paths toward achieving the desired end result are vastly different. Ultimately, having teams focus on different elements of the project helps drive success. But, if teams aren’t working together and consciously considering each other’s priorities and efforts, the entire project can be delayed.

Teladata interfaces between IT and facilities to align networking, audiovisual, security, and data center projects with the project’s overall goals. We speak both languages, so to speak, and are a dedicated single point of contact for the duration of the project. 

We connect IT and construction teams

The world of construction is unique—days start early, are maximized for safety and efficiency, and projects are broken down into thousands of individual tasks that must be completed in order to bring a collective vision to reality.

The world of technology is vastly different. Schedules are more flexible. Building systems and environments requires a different kind of labor—less physical but still intense. Design-build consultants like Teladata have a foot in each world. We know construction and operate similarly, and we bring deep knowledge of the technologies they’re implementing. We understand the specific requirements and regulatory concerns and work diligently alongside traditional trades to deliver to exacting standards. 

Expert project management that considers both sides of the coin is essential—expertise that Teladata’s PMs deliver on every project. 

Assess. Design. Build. 

Teladata’s expertise includes consulting, designing, planning and managing workplace technology projects. From initial ideation and design through managing the build and implementation, Teladata is a trusted client advocate who delivers successful workplace technology projects. We are proud of our ability to bring project stakeholders together to ensure that every aspect of a project is progressing according to plan. 

Let’s Work Together

The Teladata team is ready to help you with your next workplace technology project. Learn more about the time and cost-saving advantages of hiring a full-service consultant. We look forward to connecting!